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Dandom’s Chili Garlic Sauce: The Wonder Sauce!

In the Filipino food culture, chili garlic sauce has always been associated with siomai or shumai (a traditional Chinese dumpling). It’s like a staple on a serving of siomai. But over the years, the use of chili garlic sauce has crossed over to many plated dishes as many adventurous chili lovers try it on their food other than siomai.

Chili Garlic Sauce

We have done the same for our Dandom’s Chili Garlic Sauce. Before selling our version of chili garlic sauce, we first used it to almost every dish we served on our dining table. From noodles, sautéed vegetables, grilled meat or fish, to all kinds of dishes that are usually cooked or sautéed with garlic and onions, we used it to add heat to our food. And viola, our food became more appetizing! You’d hear something echoing in the kitchen… “more rice please”.

Now, we want to share the same appetizing food experience to every chili sauce lover. Gone are the days in the Pinoy food history when chili garlic sauce is just for siomai—now it’s for anything, and everything you would want to eat with a punch of heat and still enjoy the overall flavor profile of the food on your plate.

What variety of chili being used?

It is made from fresh garlic and fresh chilies. Using fresh chilies makes a lot of difference over the use of dried chilies which essentially has lost its natural flavors. The variety of chili we now use was carefully selected after some trial and error during the development stage of this product. Different variety of chilies that are available in the local market were tried.

A variety was found out to be giving out too much heat, we could hardly taste the exact flavor of the dish because the heat has overwhelmed our sense of taste. Another variety brought about the complexity of flavor aside from the heat thereby changing the flavor profile of the food on the plate. These varieties did not meet our standards as we were looking for ‘just the right’ heat that would still allow the consumer to enjoy the dish just as it is with all its natural flavor.

We make use of the red bird’s eye variety of chili or popularly known as native or wild siling labuyo. This winning variety was chosen for some good reasons. These tiny, thin, rounded and vibrantly colored chilies are fruity, peppery and give ‘just the right’ amount of heat.

With the combination of these natural features, the “best tasting” flavor of Dandom’s Chili Garlic Sauce was born! ‘Best tasting’ isn’t something we just made up. It’s for real. It is true for all our patrons since 2015. So for all those who are still in doubt, there’s only one way to know—grab a bottle of our best tasting Dandom’s Chili Garlic Sauce now!